A flexible mounting system for rooftop PV systems

A flexible mounting system for rooftop PV systems

German mounting systems provider Altec Metalltechnik has developed a mounting system for rooftop PV installations which it says can be adapted to different mounting angles, making it suitable for any type of rooftop installation

According to the manufacturer, once the desired angle has been chosen and the horizontal or vertical module orientation has been defined, the system can be combined with all kinds of rooftop, regardless of the photovoltaic module type.

“With other mounting systems, there is often only one special clamp for each rail, and this is not very practical, ”said the company’s managing director Markus Stehle. “With our system, it doesn’t matter which photovoltaic modules you want to install.”

According to Stehle, customers have free choice whether to opt for a complete solution, including screw sets and cross connectors, or to order the individual parts.

The complete sets of elevation angles can be used where a continuous base rail is not required. They allow an inclination of 10 to 30 degrees in both portrait and landscape module orientations. Particular conditions at a given installation site may sometimes require a customized solution, the manufacturer went on the say.

Rooftop Mounting System is important for residentical installation.Landpower have adjustable roof hook for rooftop solar mounting,it is flexible in adjustable both in height and width,two individual adjustable part in height and one in width,which make them work in various pantile roof,It is also designed to compatible with different brand mounting,it mean you can order individually.It is also designed to compatible with different brand mounting.

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