Agriculture-photovoltaic complementary industry

In Shandong Province, located in eastern China, a Huabo 70 MW agriculture photovoltaic complementary industry poverty alleviation power station was established to convert solar energy sources into electrical energy.

agricultural-pv system

In recent years, many places in China have actively used rural wasteland, desolate slopes, or idle roofs. To install the agricultural pv racking in the poor areas with good lighting conditions. Through the “photovoltaic + planting” “agricultural-pv-complementary” industrial model, millions of impoverished households can get more income.

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation not only improves the comprehensive utilization rate of land and promotes the increase of farmers’ income and prosperity, but also opens up new paths for China’s industrial poverty alleviation and the use of clean energy, which strongly promotes the development of clean energy and green economy in China.

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