Another 70MW floating photovoltaic power station built in the Netherlands

Groenleen, a Dutch solar project developer under the German renewable energycompany BayWare, has completed the construction of two floating photovoltaic power plants with a total generating capacity of 70.9MW in the Netherlands.

The scale of these two facilities is 41.1MW and 29.8MW respectively, and they are respectively built on the former sand mining lakes of Selling in the provinces of Groningen and Gelderland.

BayWare issued a statement saying: “The completion of the recent two new projects has brought BayWare’s European floating photovoltaic portfolio to 11 projects, more than 180 MW of green energy and more than 300,000 floating solar panels have consolidated BayWare. as a leader in the floating photovoltaic market outside of China. Both floating photovoltaic power generation parks are built in the deepest part of the lake to protect the flora and fauna on the riverbank.”

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