Attaching your PV system to your roof

Attaching your PV system to your roof

Most rooftops in the United States are built up from plywood and finished with asphalt shingles. However, depending on your region and neighborhood aesthetic, the top layer of the roofing type can vary greatly.

A solar racking system’s strength is determined in part by the metal racking, but it also depends on the roof’s underlying structure. Rafters and any supporting structures must be strong enough to withstand your region’s maximum wind and snow loads.

Landpower is a OEM supplier for manufacturing of aluminium items and steel items for solar mounting components.Released and provided a wide range of high-quality and innovative PV Mounting Systems for residential,commercial and utiltiy-scale customers.

According to the roof installation requirements of different regions and countries, we have designed different roof mounting solutions. like shingle roof mounting system,trapezoidal solar mini rail mounting system,U shape type roof mounting system etc.We can customize different roof solutions according to your roof style. When it comes to the strength of the roof, our engineers can also make a strength test report through calculations.

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