Bringing water to 273 farmers with just 90 kW of solar pumps

Two solar water pumps installed by the Philippines’ National Irrigation Administration (NIA) will cover a total area of more than 500 hectares.

The Philippines’ National Irrigation Administration (NIA) has commissioned this week two solar water pumps in the Province of Nueva Ecija, which is located in the Central Luzon region. The two facilities have a combined capacity of 90 kW and will benefit 273 farmers spread across the municipalities of San Isidro and Peñaranda.

The solar pump in San Isidro, which was built at a cost of PHP 17,780,519 ($356,540), will serve an area of 323.3 hectares and benefit 159 farmers. The facility in Peñaranda, for which PHP 20,461,286 ($411,940) was invested, will cover 228.9 hectares and have 114 farmer-beneficiaries.

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