By 2050, France’s photovoltaic power generation capacity may reach 70 to 208 GW

The French grid operator RTE outlined six scenarios for how the French energy system will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The most optimistic one is that the cumulative capacity of solar energy is expected to reach 208 GW.

According to a new report by the French grid operator Réseau de Transport d’, if France will achieve its goal of complete decarbonization of its energy system and economy by 2050, the installed solar photovoltaic capacity may reach between 70 GW and 208 GW.

In all six scenarios, by 2050, the share of solar energy will increase by 7 to 21 times, and its cumulative photovoltaic installed capacity will reach 70 GW to 208 GW.

According to recent data from the French Ministry of Ecological Transformation, the country’s cumulative installed solar energy has reached 11.5 GW. According to the national energy strategy, the total amount is still far from the 2030 target of 20 GW.

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