Agricultural Solar

Solar for Sheep Grazing

SOLAR FOR SHEEP GRAZING Land productivity could be greatly increased by combining sheep grazing and solar energy production on the same land. Sheep are naturally suited to the job of solar grazing. They enjoy the shade of the solar panels on hot days, napping and grazing where humans would struggle to reach. They are resourceful foragers, …

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Solar for for Dairy Farms

SOLAR FOR FOR DAIRY FARMS The benefit of installing solar panels on a dairy farm is that they absorb sunlight that reacts with their embedded silicon crystals, producing electricity. Solar power is free and easy to harness, reliable, and highly versatile. Furthermore, it also presents a money-making opportunity as the surplus power can be sold …

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Solar for Wineries and Vineyards

SOLAR FOR WINERIES AND VINEYARDS Wineries and vineyards are well suited for commercial solar systems, with viticulture being one of the fastest growing industries for commercial solar adoption. Noique Energy has built partnerships with numerous companies within the industry to provide long-term cost savings and sustainability benefits. Wineries often have significant land available for Ground Mount systems …

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