China to add 619 GW of solar this decade

Global solar powerhouse China is set to add 619 GW of solar by 2030, according to U.S.-owned Scottish data company Wood Mackenzie, with the analyst also predicting, in a statement about Asia Pacific, Indonesia will be the fastest growing solar market in the region.

China will continue to show the way as the Asia-Pacific region sees the volume of installed solar capacity treble by 2030, to 1.5 TW, according to WoodMac consultant Xin Zhang.

India will add the second largest amount of solar this decade, by Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Australia, according to the note released by WoodMac yesterday, but it will be the Indonesian market that will be the fastest growing, from a small base of 300 MW today to an estimated 8.5 GW in nine years’ time.

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