DNV released the world’s first recommended practice for floating solar power plants

As an independent energy expert and risk management service provider, DNV released the world’s first Recommended Practice (RP) for floating solar power plant projects through the Joint Industrial Project (JIP) in collaboration with 24 industry participants.

The recommended practice will provide recognized guidance based on a series of technical requirements to accelerate the safe, sustainable and rational design, development, operation and decommissioning of floating solar power plant (FPV) projects.

RP provides insights on the technical complexity of design, construction and operation on and under water, especially in terms of electrical safety, anchoring and mooring issues, operation and maintenance to ensure that the designed floating power stationcan withstand specific Environmental conditions of the project site.

The JIP launched last summer reviewed all aspects of the development of floating solar power projects in inland and nearshore waters. It focuses on five key themes: project site condition assessment, power generation forecast, mooring and anchoring systems, floating structures, permits and environmental impact.

It adopts an overall system-level attitude, including individual key equipment as well as process and design considerations, and focuses on FPV projects in inland and nearshore waters.

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