Ghana’s first 250 MW surface photovoltaic project connected to the grid

The government of Ghana has activated a 5-megawatt floating solar photovoltaic system on the dam reservoir of the Bui Hydropower Station.
This 5 MW pilot photovoltaic array is the first part of a floating photovoltaic project with a total capacity of 250 MW. The entire project will be implemented step by step in units of 50 megawatts.
The solar power plant is connected to the transmission system of the 404 MW Bouvi hydroelectric dam. It is a large floating photovoltaic system.

The solar power plant can be used as a supplement to the dam’s use of the Black Volta River to generate electricity during the dry season. According to statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency, as of the end of 2019, the installed capacity of solar power in Ghana was only 64 MW.

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solar floating system

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