How to Accelerate 12GW of Solar Development in Vietnam

How to Accelerate 12GW of Solar Development in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the world’s recognized renewable energy markets, especially in Southeast Asia. It has great potential for the development of solar energy, especially in the central and southern regions.

As the world is facing the impact of COVID-19 and these countries are rebounding, energy demand has been unprecedentedly high. By the end of this year, Vietnams energy demand is expected to increase by more than 10%, and it will increase by 8% every year for the next ten years.

In this case, solar energy is the countrys saviour because of the investment in large-scale solar projects. Sustainability, the use of technology, and increasing attention to the environment and climate put Vietnam in the field of renewable energy. Today, it has the largest installed capacity of solar panels in the entire region. Although it has set a goal of reaching 1 GW by 2020, it has already achieved 6 GW.

Indeed, Vietnam is now an emerging photovoltaic market with great potential and the demand is large. According to our understanding of the Vietnamese market, it is mainly the installation of metal roof types. Most Vietnamese customers will directly send their purchase orders for us to quote. Usually purchases are conventional rail, L feet, mid clamp, end clamp, splice, earthing clip, grounding clip etc.We have many types of metal roof mounting solution,like trapezoidal metal roof mounting,corrugated/standing seam metal roof mounting,mini rail metal roof mounting.

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