Japan claims to install photovoltaic panels on every roof

Japan is actively assembling solar power generation to achieve its ambitious emission reduction targets by 2030, and it may eventually be possible to install solar PV systemin every building, parking lot and farm.

According to a report from Japans Ministry of the Environment, Japan aims to achieve its new solar energy targets in 2030 through the following strategies:

50% of the central government and municipal buildings will install solar panels, which will add 6 gigawatts;

Increasing the utilization rate of solar energy in corporate buildings and parking lots, which will increase by 10 gigawatts;

In addition, 1,000 urban public land and extension areas will add 4 gigawatts.

In order to achieve this goal, according to the Japanese Ministry of Energy, every house and apartment building built in 2040 and beyond will require the installation of solar panels. In addition, according to analysis, most farms must each have 100 kilowatts of solar power generation capacity.

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