Large-scale rooftop photovoltaic projects in Vietnam

According to the “Vietnam News” report, the information published on the website of the Central Government of Vietnam shows that up to now, the Central Vietnam Electric Power Corporation has installed 8,732 rooftop solar power projects in its country, with a total installed capacity of 295.7 MW.

According to data released by the Central Vietnam Electric Power Corporation, in July this year, the company added 1,637 rooftop solar projects, with a total installed capacity of 76.7 MW; and in the first 7 months of this year, the company installed a total of 4,517 rooftop solar projects. , The total installed capacity is 197.95 MW. The company said that this year, the total rooftop solar installation allocated to it by the Vietnam Electric Power Group is 200 MW, and 99% of it has been completed.

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solar flat roof mounting

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