Optimal sizing for solar water pumps

Optimal sizing for solar water pumps

Researchers in Malaysia have proposed a new approach for optimal sizing of solar water pumps. Their method consists of using a single PV module, a charge controller, several batteries, and a DC load.The charge controller is the heart of the entire system, as it is connected with the other three components. “Function of charge controller is to manage the energy storage to the battery and deliver power to the load,” the scientists stated.

According to the measurements taken, this configuration enabled the batteries to support the load for up to 36 hours, corresponding to 12 operating days and three hours per day. The sizing of the system, according to the Malaysian group, has proved that the proposed system is able support the load for two days’

We also have corresponding bracket solutions for solar water pump system,we call that for solar pole mount system.It is composed of a small number of accessories due to the specific design,at the same time,the accessories are come with pre-assembled which make the system are quite easy and simple to mount on the poles.The pole mount is made of aluminium profiles and stainless steel fasteners which is corrosion resistant pole mounting.

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