Plans for 112 MW agrivoltaic project in China

Bangladeshi state-owned steel manufacturer GPH Ispat has launched a tender for the deployment of 10 MW of PV capacity at its its factory in Sitakunda, Chittagong.The solar plant will be deployed on an artificial lake created for rainwater harvesting. The company will also install panels on the hilly areas around the lake and the rooftops of its main factory and office buildings

Landpower solar also have solar mounting bracket designed for agrivoltaic farms which is designed for installing solar panel on agriculture land.

The following are the advantagess of agricultural solar bracket:

1. Easy to install. This type of installation system is very suitable for farmland.
2. Great flexibility. The structure is sturdy and easy to adapt to the local environment and installation.
3. Excellent compatibility. Designed as a universal shelf system, frame modules of all popular manufacturers can be used.
4. Strong adaptability. The angle of the track is designed to maximize solar energy collection according to your local latitude.
5. High quality. Using aluminum and stainless steel bolts and nuts, it has the advantages of beauty, stability, rust resistance, and long life.

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