10KW Hybrid Solar System for Home & Commercial Use

10KW Hybrid Solar System for Home & Commercial Use

Noique 10kw hybrid home solar systems storage with battery backup. Our solar expert can help you customize hybrid solar power systems according to your special requested.

  • Item NO.:


  • System Type:

    Hybrid Grid Solar System

  • Solar Panel Type:

    Poly Solar Panel

  • Application:

    Household, School, Farm, Factory, Island, etc.

  • System Warranty:

    10 years

  • Battery Type:

    Lithuim or Gel Battery

  • OEM:


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10KW Hybrid Solar System for Home & Commercial Use

This 10 kw hybrid solar system is mainly composed of photovoltaic modules, hybrid inverters, support systems, batteries and so on. After the hybrid solar system is installed, it can be connected to the grid for self-consumption first, and the excess power can be stored in the battery.

If you have any questions regarding this product, we’re here to help. Don’t get lost in the nitty gritty details. With more than 10 years experience,  our solar specialists are ready for designing for your solar power in any time.

10KW Hybrid Solar Power System Components List
1Solar PanelPoly 340w
solar panel
30 pcs
2Combiner BoxOptional1 pc
3Battery12V 250Ah (adjustable)8 pcs
4Hybrid Grid Inverter3KW AC180-270V, 50/60Hz1 pc
5Mounting SupportRoof/Ground1 set
6Cable4mm² PV cable400m
7ConnectorSolar Connector20 pairs
8Tools BagSolar Installation
1 set


Hybrid 10KW Solar System Diagram

10kw hybrid solar system

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