48V 5KW Off Grid Solar System Kit with Best Price

48V 5KW Off Grid Solar System Kit with Best Price

Residential 48v 5kw off grid solar power system. Noique solar expert can diy off grid solar power systems according to your special requested.

  • Item NO.:


  • System Type:

    Off Grid Solar System

  • Solar Panel Type:

    Mono Solar Panel

  • Application:


  • System Warranty:

    10 years

  • Battery Type:

    Lithuim or Gel Battery

  • OEM:


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48V 5KW Off Grid Solar System Kit with Best Price

If efficiency, reliability and affordable are high on your wish list, this 5000W 48V solar system kit is an ideal choice. This off grid 5KW solar power system is designed to provide the main components needed to take your home off the grid. This system is typically used to power common household appliances such as: Efficient refrigerator, Cell phone, tablets and laptop, Lights, Television, Fans, Washing, Machine, Well pump and more. If you have any questions regarding this off grid 5kw solar system, we’re here to help.


Off Grid Solar Power System Components List
1Solar PanelHalf cut mono 455w
solar panel
9 pcs
2Combiner BoxOptional1 pc
3Lithium Battery12kwh1 set
4Off Grid Inverter6kva1 pc
5Mounting SupportRoof/Ground1 set
6Cable4mm² PV cable100m
7ConnectorSolar Connector10 pairs
8Tools BagSolar Installation
1 set


Off Grid 5kw Solar System Diagram

off grid solar panel diagram

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