Growatt SPH 3000~6000 Hybrid Inverter

Growatt SPH 3000~6000 Hybrid Inverter

This 3-6KW single-phase parallel and off-grid all-in-one machine is suitable for small and medium-sized household optical storage systems.

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    Growatt SPH3000~6000

  • Product weight:


  • Max Recommended PV Power:


  • Number of MPPT Trackers:


  • Max Output Current:


  • Dimensions (W/H/D) in mm:


  • Environmental Protection Rating:


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Growatt SPH 3000~6000 Hybrid Inverter

Single phase all-in-one hybrid inverter ideal for home systems. stunning IP65 protection level, more durable and flexible for installation; multiple programmable working modes, decide by yourself how to realize self-sufficiency and make the max out of your system; the EPS output can even provide backup supply during gridabsence;comprehensive accesories including battery, meter and datalogger optional for different application scenarios.

  • Dual MPP trackers
  • IP65 & Natural cooling
  • Programmable working modes
  • Supports Export Control
  • Online Smart Service

Growatt SPH3000~6000 Hybrid Solar Inverter Specification

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