Since 2009, Noique has been focusing on providing solar panel installation canopy solutions for areas such as leisure parks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, churches, public parking facilities as well as new or existing carport parking structures. With every situation being unique, Noique solar expert takes a site specific design approach to every solar panel canopy or carport project. Each of our solar panel canopy projects is tailored according to the needs of customers, creating the most practical and cost-effective solar installations.


The solar carports can not only generate solar energy, but also provide shade for vehicles. They are space-efficient, because they allow users to install solar panels without the need for roof or ground surface.

Profit From Unutilized Space Car parks take up lots of space. You can use the solar energy generated by the carport to power your home or business. You can also sell excess electricity back to the grid and earn Feed In Tariffs.

Solar Carports Are More Flexible Compared to rooftop panels, the structure of the solar carport can achieve maximum exposure and energy production. They are also generally easier to access, ,and therefore easier and cheaper to maintain.

Stand Out From Your Competition If your competitor does not yet have a solar parking lot, install a solar canopy is a reliable way to help you stand out. You can quickly make a statement by installing this technology.

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