Education, schools and universities are at the forefront of changing the way we think as a society. Solar is an innovative solution that can help these organizations reduce operating costs while expanding the knowledge and understanding of their students. Since 2009, Noique Solar has been providing leading solar products, program design and free consulting services for educational institutions worldwide. No matter the size or scale of your learning facility, we can bring you solar options today.


Ideal Roof Type and Space Buildings on campus usually have flat and wide roof space, which is very suitable for solar energy installations. In addition, solar on your rooftop will keep the building of the school cool and clean.

Reduce Operating Costs Electrical costs are a huge part of school and university operational costs. Free solar energy provides a solution to lower these costs and protect educational institutions from price increases.

Educational opportunities for students Since solar panels are a highly visible addition to a school, they provide an ideal hands-on experience for showing students how their studies apply to everyday life. Having a solar system on campus will prompt students to use more sustainable practices and enable teachers to incorporate the energy system into their curriculum, specifically in science and math classrooms.

Sustainable Brand Solar power is very attractive to eco-minded students, faculty, and supporters. Going green would also mark the institution as a unique social and cultural symbol, along with gaining a reputation for innovativeness and creativity.

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