Land productivity could be greatly increased by combining sheep grazing and solar energy production on the same land. Sheep are naturally suited to the job of solar grazing. They enjoy the shade of the solar panels on hot days, napping and grazing where humans would struggle to reach. They are resourceful foragers, walking to search for vegetation that might otherwise become a shady nuisance for the solar company. If you are interedted in solar energy, be free to send your requests to Noique. We will work with you to develop the right system type and size to meet your facility’s needs.


Sheep grazing in a field of solar panels is becoming an increasingly common sight. Installing solar panels on farmlands can not only increase productivity but also increase energy efficiency for farmers.

Sheep like to eat a variety of weeds and invasive species, and are good at grazing under solar panels. Grazing lambs also reduces the need to manage the growth of plants under solar panels through herbicides or regular mowing, which requires additional labor and costs. Sheep are most often used for this work because their size and grazing behavior are most suitable for solar installations.

The well-designed fence around the site can accommodate the sheep and protect them from predators. In hot weather, solar panels provide shelter for sheep from rain, wind and direct sunlight.

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