Wineries and vineyards are well suited for commercial solar systems, with viticulture being one of the fastest growing industries for commercial solar adoption. Noique Energy has built partnerships with numerous companies within the industry to provide long-term cost savings and sustainability benefits. Wineries often have significant land available for Ground Mount systems compared to other industries that are limited by roof space. With wineries being so connected to the land and the environment, commercial solar can provide a real commitment to sustainability. 


The demand for energy for agricultural cultivation, processing and storage is high and variable. High electricity bills have become one of the more expensive and unpredictable costs of operating breweries or agricultural operations.

Solar photovoltaic is a good way to reduce power costs and fossil fuel emissions. The technology uses semiconductor materials to convert the radiant energy of the sun into electrical energy. Wineries are operations that typically have a large footprint, making it easier to find area on roofs or in fields on which to place solar panels compared with non-agricultural industries. This abundant availability of solar panels at wineries means that the energy gathered from the sun can be used to power all sorts of facilities of wineries– the primary residence, workshops, tasting rooms, offices, industrial equipment, and more.

Solar power is free. By using solar energy, you can protect your wineries and vineyards from rising electricity prices and protect the environment, making your operations more sustainable in both areas. Noique Energy will work with you and tailor a solar system to cut your operating costs, increase self-reliance, and reduce greenhouse gas production.

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