solar roof energy system used in Shenzhen’s train

Recently, Shenzhen Metro Line 6 was fully opened. This is the “first domestic large-scale application of distributed photovoltaic power generation” and is an important milestone for the Shenzhen Metro to move towards green transportation.

Metro operation consumes a lot of electricity. Data shows that the annual industrial electricity costs of the 7 lines of the Shenzhen Metro Group amount to hundreds of millions of yuan. In order to save energy, reduce emissions, and save electricity, when planning this subway line, the designer makes full use of the characteristics of sufficient sunshine and abundant solar resources, and uses solar photovoltaic modules installed on the roof to convert solar energy into electricity for station lighting and air conditioning. , Escalators and other stations and all low-voltage power loads are supplemented by the power supply system when the power generation capacity is insufficient or cannot be generated.

This application practice opened up a new exploration of photovoltaic + transportation, explored a new direction for the development of green transportation, and provided a good reference case for the subsequent combination of solar photovoltaic power generation technology and urban rail transit.

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