Solar set to shine in a post-pandemic world

Solar set to shine in a post-pandemic world

The world is still combating Covid-19, with Europe now impacted by a second wave of the virus. While the market reported delays for a few projects, the impacts on the PV sector remain unclear. But if the world fails to curb the Covid-19’s spread, governments may be forced to reintroduce strict measures, thereby sapping PV demand. PV InfoLink’s Mars Chang expects module demand to hit 126 GW by the end of this year.

When the world enters the post-pandemic era, PV is expected to recover and prices to fall across the supply chain – with projects deferred by the crisis contributing to demand growth. In light of this, global solar demand looks bright. China is forecast to dominate 31% of the global market share. Europe and the United States will continue to lead demand growth, accounting for 19% and 15% of the market, respectively. The hard-hit Indian market is likely to bounce back from its Covid-19 slump next year. Demand in both the Middle East and Latin America is also optimistic. PV InfoLink estimates that global module demand will reach almost 144 GW in 2021.

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