Solar Cleaning Brush

Efficient Cleaning = Efficiency In Units

We use solar panels to generate renewable sources of energy so, it is important to keep it clean, work properly and ultimately generating more units at the same time. We have come up with water feed telescopic cleaning brush which is an easy and value for money solution to solar panel users. It is designed for cleaning friendly and has an inbuilt water feeding system with good length, making solar cleaning process easy.

We are renowned supplier for offering the solar panel cleaning brush in Anhui,China which can absolutely reduce the headache of your solar panel cleaning. Solar panel cleaning brush provide you an ease with solar panels cleaning. Its has good quality and long lasting durability which include brush, water pipe, water connector and telescopic pole with size of 3 mtr, 4.5 mtr, 6 mtr  and 9 mtr which leads to easy and quick cleaning of your solar panels from foreign particles and unnecessary dust. We provide solar cleaning brush / kit in Anhui,China which is an perfect tools needed to clean your solar panels at faster, easier and efficient.

Brush Size 500 * 100 MM
Material Nylon bristles
Bristle Length 60 MM
Bristle Color / Material Blue / Nylon
Telescopic Pole Length 3 MTR, 4.5 MTR, 6 MTR & 9 MTR
Bristle Stiffness Soft (No Scratches on Solar Panel)

Why Solar Panel Cleaning

Many times it is not possible to clean the solar panels easily as they are located at non reachable points. There you can get our best solar panel cleaning brush / kit with telescopic pole which can reach to desired heights, it is available in Anhui,China. It will allow you to effectively clean the modules from a safe distance either on the ground or on the roof. Generally bird attraction is one of the major concern for solar panel cleaning, bird droppings compromise unit production of solar system.

You must be aware of the savings and efficiency of solar panels if you have installed solar panel at your home or business. The design of solar panels is made in such a way that its cleaning becomes very important from an energy production point of view. More dirt on solar panels leads to less efficiency which ends up producing less electrical units. To increase the efficiency of your solar panel, its cleaning is mandatory which is being committed by the solar installer as an instruction at the time of installation. The solar panel runs on a principle which is “ more numbers of lights hitting the panel equals more numbers of power generation. Solar panels are installed in open space or top of the roof where it can hit maximum sunlight. Now one of the major issues that one has to deal with is, the layers of dust particles which get settled on panels and create a wall between sunlight and panels. This reduce the efficiency of solar panel output, hence you need solar cleaning brush to keep it clean and improve efficiency.


Why You Need It ?

User friendly and helps improve unit efficiency.





Benefits Of Solar Cleaning

  • It makes cleaning more effective and easy for solar panel users.
  • You will be independent of cleaning your panel.
  • Increase the production of electricity units.
  • No need to use ladder, stool or chair to clean your solar panel.
  • Quick cleaning result.
  • Fastest ever cleaning experience.
  • Absolute dust layer remove from panel.
  • Manual brush cleaning brings far better result than auto cleaning for dust removal
  • Anyone is eligible to clean solar panel
  • Saves your annual cleaning contract of your solar panel – you can justify the cleaning result on time
  • It enable power output increased upto 30 % from every panel
  • You can easily assess the quality of work done without considering multiple factors of cleaning
  • Proper utilization of water and manpower – great saving
  • Get advanced solar panel cleaning brush in Anhui,China easily available

Get The Best With Cleaning Kit


  •  Inline Water feeding System which eliminates the need for separate equipment for water supply. It consists of a connector for ease of use. This system saves about 70% more water than normal water cleaning.
  • The telescopic pole helps to reach larger distance making cleaning process hassle-free. Poles are available in 3mtr, 4.5mtr, 6mtr & 9mtr lengths.
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