South Africa’s largest ground-based photovoltaic power plant will begin commercial operation at the end of 2023

The Saudi power and desalination company ACWA said recently that the company has begun construction of a 100-megawatt concentrated solar project (ground photovoltaic power plant) of Redstone in South Africa. The project capital is close to 11.6 billion rand. 5.3 billion yuan).
ACWA is a major shareholder of Redstone, and it expects the project to start commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2023.
The Redstone solar pv project is currently the largest renewable energy investment project in South Africa. It is located in the Northern Cape and is equipped with a 12-hour electric heat storage system, which will provide clean and reliable 24-hour power supply to nearly 200,000 households.

The solar pv mounting project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 440 tons per year. In addition to providing efficient and clean electricity to the South African power grid, the Redstone project will also provide a large number of employment opportunities, drive the local supply chain, and bring tangible social and economic value.

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