Thailand builds the world’s largest hydro-power and photovoltaic hybrid power station

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and renewable energy source for mankind, and it has an important position in the long-term energy strategy. The Electric Power Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has established the world’s largest hybrid solar hydroelectric photovoltaic hybrid power station in northeastern Thailand.

The main purpose of the project is to further enhance the scale of renewable energy application by combining solar panels floating on the water with traditional hydroelectric power generation, and to help the region’s economic development and transformation and upgrading.

During his inspection of this hybrid solar-hydro-photovoltaic hybrid power plant, Prime Minister Prayut said that the worlds largest solar floating power plant has launched a new model of “hybrid power generation with hydro-power and photovoltaic power”, which will comprehensively enhance Thailands independent power supply and capacity, and it is a sustainable energy innovation model, and hopes to be promoted in all major reservoirs in Thailand.

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solar floating system

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