The development of the solar energy industry is an important part of Morocco’s energy strategy

In order to reverse the situation of energy consumption dominated by fossil fuels, the Moroccan government has promoted the energy transition and aimed at its extremely abundant renewable energy.

Developing the solar energy industryand at the same time driving the overall development of the solar energy industry in North Africa is an important part of Morocco’s energy strategy. Morocco has 3000-3600 hours of sunshine per year, and its power generation potential is as high as 2600 kWh/m2, which is twice that of European countries. In 2009, Morocco formulated a solar energy plan, and in the following year launched a plan to spend 9 billion US dollars to build 5 solar power stations. Since then, Morocco’s solar energy development plan has been fully launched. As of the end of 2019, Morocco’s solar photovoltaic and solar thermal capacity reached 736 MW. A recent report by the Middle East Solar Energy Industry Association (MESIA) believes that Morocco is “one of the most advanced countries that have successfully formulated and implemented renewable energy strategies.”

Morocco’s energy sector development plan by 2030 will require nearly 40 billion US dollars of investment, of which 75% of the investment is for renewable energy projects, which will also bring investment and opportunity to renewable energy companies including photovoltaics and solar thermal power generation industries.

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