Vietnam Rooftop Solar Development 2020

Vietnam Rooftop Solar Development 2020

Vietnam is no doubt one of the hottest renewable energy market in this world. One year ago, an incentive-driven commission rush of 5GW solar projects has put Vietnam on the stage of the world’s most active market.

In yesterday’s webinar, The Future Landscape of The Vietnam Rooftop Solar Market, organized by PVBOX, supported by Vector Energy Advisory and sponsored by Goodwe, Nguyen Hai Duc, renewable energy advisor of USAID V-leep, pointed out some most important updates among the decision in his presentation.

Firstly, the decision updated the definition for the rooftop solar (RTS) as a solar power system with photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of civil works or industrial works and has a capacity of less than or equal to 1MWp and directly or indirectly connected to the electricity purchaser with the line of 35kV or less. Secondly and also the most dramatic change is that the off-taker and generator now can be an organization and an individual person, which means that power transaction now allows no EVN the local power authority interfere, and be more specific, private PPA is legitimate now.

In addition, the decision also canceled the zone-based FIT policy in which FIT is varied from zone to zone.  Replaced it, one unified tariff, also known as FIT2, is implementing where the FIT is only varied from ground-mounted project with USc 7.09/kWh, floating project with USc 7.69/kWh and USc 8.38/kWh

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